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Top Car Games For Android Phones

Just as there are thousands of car games for Android phones, there are also a lot of choices for those who would like to try them out. In fact, some of these car games are no less popular than the full-priced ones. There are people who are still looking for the perfect car game to play with their kids. Let’s take a look at a few of the latest and greatest. Learn more information about ets2 mods

While many of us may remember seeing the Atari Jaguar game or the Fazza FX in our childhood, Cross Racer is the first one that I think of whenever I hear the name. This game is excellent for all age groups, but it is most commonly played on the Android platform. It is very well-designed, is full of fun scenarios, and the graphics are gorgeous.

Some of the stunts that you can do involve speed, crashes, or crazy car stunts. The only real problem with this game is that it does not last very long. It also has the added disadvantage of having you travel around an endless track that is a little bit too big for most people to handle.

Another car games for Android worth mentioning is called Dr. Lautrec. This is the latest in the series of racing games that are made by Nitrome. It is currently rated as the most popular car racing game available.

Some of the levels feature team skills, speed, and teamwork. These levels are good for children and teens. As for adults, they can try the online play if they want to.

The main attraction of Rocket Rally is the fact that it is an Android game. Instead of the typical car controls, you can move the rocket around on the screen to make it go faster. It has been designed for touchscreen devices, but the portability makes it great for playing on mobile phones as well.

The game features race tracks from all over the world. Each race comes with a number of stages that you have to finish. When you get into a winning streak, you can purchase new cars, boosters, and boosts.

There are a number of features that make this game stand out. It is not only fun to play, but it is extremely educational as well. You can learn about how cars actually function and also about different types of cars. There are hundreds of other games available, so you should be able to find one that you love.

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