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Advantages and Disadvantages of Pond Liners and Preformed Ponds

But your reward in all cases is an eye-catching structure, some different plants and the local wildlife visiting you. I looked very closely at many online reviews when I write these articles. The reviews for preformed ponds identify some common issues which we address here so you’re pre-warned when making your buying decision. The Ladybower Pre Formed Heavy Duty Garden & Wildlife Starter Pond is the smallest pond in our review at around 70+cm in both directions. Even those with just a tiny garden can enjoy growing and caring for water plants and watching the creatures that a pond habitat attracts. The Direct Global Trading The Shannon Black Plastic Garden Instant Wildlife Preformed Pond is the perfect size pond for those who have limited space in their gardens for a water feature.

Ledges within the water hold your water plant pots and the escape steps help trapped creatures get out easily. Although it’s deeper than most of the other epdm vijverfolie in our review, it’s still better as a wildlife pond habitat than a haven for fish. So there are some of the advantages and disadvantages of pond liners and preformed ponds. Our preformed ponds are made from hard wearing and durable high density polyethylene with lifetime guarantee.

While this isn’t quite the recommended depth to have fish in, it’s deep enough to cause trouble for any wildlife, especially hedgehogs, who find their way into the pond. The set of steps on one corner of the structure offer an escape route for any trapped creatures. Apply a layer of 4 to 6 inches of pond substrate or pond soil to the bottom of the preformed pond. This is important for water plants and for the development and the housing of useful bacteria. Never use ordinary garden mould or potting compost, because they are far too rich in nutrients and will consequently stimulate the forming of algae.

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Preformed ponds are the quickest and easiest way to build a pond. We have a large range of poly ponds that can either be sunk into the ground or be used as freestanding ponds. Preformed ponds come with long warranties of 10 to 20 years, for piece of mind that they will not deteriorate over time from UV exposure, as preformed fibreglass ponds do. We stock a range of ponds in different shapes and sizes, and our extra large preformed ponds hold over 1200 litres of water, and are so strong they can be placed unsupported above the ground if necessary. As you can see, at Water Garden Direct we like to bring you a choice of pond shapes and size, so depending on your budget and space available, one of these plastic preformed ponds should be ideal.

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A sand base will also help prevent any sharp rocks from puncturing the base of the pond when water is added. After the base is level, place the preformed liner into the hole and backfill around the edges with more sand, compacting periodically. Make sure the pond is tight and secure in the ground with no rocking or movement before adding water. We are proud to be able to offer what we believe to be the most comprehensive nation wide delivery service for preformed pond in the UK.

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