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Whilst no site is properly secure without CCTV these days, having a manned guard gives extra protection against factors out of sight of the cameras, such as gas or water leaks, fire or other unpredictable incidents. Total Guard security personnel are fully trained in how to deal with all these kinds of situations. If these sites are left unattended after-hours, then the machinery and tools are at risk.

Many of our company guards come from an Armed Forces and Policing background. All our manned security guards are inducted into the company by undertaking an intensive training programme at our Training Academy. This includes self-defence lessons and how to manage security breaches and threatening scenarios as discreetly and effectively as possible. Those in the industry revere our training programme, so much so that we regularly receive requests to train guards outside of our company to provide the very best of manned guarding London The Security Industry Authority provides a comprehensive service to the security industry.

Any organisation with lax security will find that word soon gets around the criminal fraternity. Similarly, if you make your business known for having effective security, the same happens. Over time our security guard patrols see the number of incidents reduce, as well as quickly and professionally dealing with those that do. Our security guards will meticulously record all data as they perform agreed and site-specific assignments. Any potential incidents or issues are logged in the appropriate record book and time-stamped.

We are SIA approved contractors and we can provide an SIA trained and registered staff for any venue where door supervision is required. MEC Security offers a wide range of security solutions to suit your needs. From package screening to visitor and vehicle searching and CCTV monitoring to emergency evacuations, MEC Security will provide the best solution for your needs.

We are experts in handling all kinds of security emergencies that demand a high-profile deterrent and a greater degree of adaptability. The key to reducing these risks and establishing the safe and secure environment which we all strive for is to be aware, alert and prepared for any eventuality and this is where Plus Security can help. We only provide highly trained and experienced SIA licensed guards who are carefully selected to ensure only the best possible service is provided for our clients. We work with each client to create innovative security solutions bespoke to your needs.

With detailed record-keeping, they will document all entrances to and exits from your office. Office security guards not only reassure your staff, but they also provide an air of security and safety to visitors, helping to create the right impression for your company. We train our security guards to identify and respond to threats, operate high-tech security equipment, monitor suspicious activities, provide customer service, and assist during medical emergencies. Our team are experienced in providing Security services across a range of industries inclusive of, but not restricted to, the corporate sector, construction sites, retail establishments, industrial warehouses, and One-Off events.

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