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About Mike Turner SEO Consultant

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So, you know, when when we decided to acquire all in one SEO we looked for, you know, who would that personally because Michael was not going to be coming on board. I wanted to make sure that there’s somebody else who’s really, really talented who can lead and Benjamin Rojas, I don’t know, I don’t know if you know him or not in the WordPress ecosystem. He’s a phenomenal developer had had several other products in the EBD ecosystem that he sold to Pippin when you know, they did the market consolidation, their position. He’s been working in the OptinMonster team for I believe, like four years, three, four years, and so He’s actually going to be leading this division and department call and Seo?

Sometimes you may develop this yourself internally, other times I will develop the content for you this all depends on how you would like to work. If you decide to work on this yourself, I will provide you with the keywords and topics to target and the content usually is reviewed by me with further suggestions given before going live. Analysing your company website using a proven technical SEO consultant to determine an issues that may prevent your website ranking on Google.

For example, above you can see Google Search Console data from a major lender that has seen major increases in impressions and clicks. Not only has this company been impacted by certain changes in the industry, but also from 2 years of continuous work to their site. Don’t panic when markets drop, now is the ideal time to invest in SEO and content to avoid decreased visibility.

Nathan also has production experience in SEO and content execution as an SEO copywriter. He has effectively driven results for clients such as Chase, Adidas, and Etsy. My role as marketing manager played a huge part in the success and growth of the business.

For that reason, we also include monthly digital business coaching as part of our Local Magic package. That way, your knowledge of digital marketing grows alongside your businesses website rankings. Unlike some of our competitors, mediocre customer service and ineffective digital marketing strategies aren’t in our digital DNA. Bryony has been working within the SEO space since 2019, starting as an SEO executive but her obsession for organising led to a project manager role across digital marketing.

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